My Experience, by technology:

Linux Administration (3 years)

  • Primary operating system used at home and work (CentOS, Debian, Archlinux)
  • Root access to thousands of servers for several Endurance Intl (EIGI) companies
  • cPanel/WHM Server administration experience (2 years)
    • backups/restores
    • software updates and upgrades
    • WHM host configuration
    • cPanel/WHM error troubleshooting
  • Exim/Dovecot management
  • Bash scripting (2 years)
  • IPtables, CSF, and APF firewall administration
  • Networking configuration

Windows Administration (3 years)

  • Domain migrations (from WorkGroups) Windows 7 & 8, Server 2008 & 2012
  • Intranet management using IIS 6.0 (and later 7.0)
  • Workstation setup and maintenance
  • Hyper-V deployment and management
  • Domain controller configuration and management
    • GPO design and deployment
    • Active Directory management
    • DNS configuration

IT Professional (2 years)

  • Printer, Scanner, and limited copy machine setup and maintenance
  • Workstation provisioning
  • General Software/Hardware troubleshooting
    • failed HDD recovery
    • Malware removal
  • Office365 administration (website and PowerShell)
  • Disaster recovery operations
    • Amazon JungleDisk
    • CDP/R1Soft (web)
    • CodeGuard (web)
    • SiteLock
    • Sucuri
    • Symantec Endpoint Solutions

DC Operations (2 years)

  • rack setup
    • cable management
    • server, SAN, and other rack component installation
    • iDRAC setup
  • switch configuration (Cisco Catalyst series PoE GiB)
    • VLAN setup (for VoIP, guest network, and other purposes)
    • cable management
  • UPS/PDU installation
  • network monitoring
    • SpiceWorks
    • Zabbix

Python Developer (2 years)

  • GUI design using gi.repository.Gtk
  • Console applications using curses
  • Basic Python CGI and Django websites
  • Various Linux system administration scripts and utilities
  • Website administration tools
    • SMTP mailer
    • E-mail bounceback locator
    • Website Crawler/Indexer
    • CGI Hosting dashboard for cPanel/WHM servers
    • CLI activity tracking utility for use with multiple disparate ticket systems
  • Hosting environment monitors with early alert systems for various common problems (access_log analysis, e-mail bounceback alerts, HTTP error alerts, PHP and other script errors)

MSSQL DBA and Full-Stack Developer (2 years)

  • Developed Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) automation solutions integrating Excel, Word, Mail Merges, PDF generation, data warehousing, inventory divestment processing, and more.
  • Schema and software architecture design, diagrams using Visio and
  • Design and deployment of a database and custom CRM solution using MSSQL 2008 R2, Sybase AdvantageDB, VBScript, VBA, Access 2012, and Python 2.7
  • ETL solutions using Access VBA and MSSQL
  • Data Deduplication using Fuzzy matching algorithms
    • record linkage & elimination methods

Webmaster (5 years)

  • more than 5 years experience administering WordPress sites
    • child theme design
    • custom PHP dashboards
    • MySQL and Sqlite3 database design and management
  • over 3 years experience administering Windows and Linux webservers
  • DNS configuration
  • Linux and Windows HTTP error diagnosis
  • e-mail configuration and maintenance
    • Apache SpamAssassin
    • Exim/Dovecot
    • Office365

Check out my Featured projects, for a full list of recent programming efforts, see my Curriculum Vitae (includes works in progress).